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Scrum Reform

Agile Methodologies
Numerous 2018-2022
Agile is a collection of software development methods that can incorporate the client’s direct involvement for delivering a solution. This ensures collaboration from the initial stage of the project life cycle and subsequently results in early delivery and continuous improvements. One of the most important and famous methodologies of Agile is Scrum. Scrum is a framework within which complex problems are addressed to deliver a product with the highest possible value. Scrum, itself, is not a process or technique, but rather a framework in which various techniques and methods are employed. It is a combination of an iterative and incremental model. In a traditional model, such as a waterfall, the major hindrance to improving the system is that until the first stage has been completed, the next phase cannot start. If there are any problems in the later stages, then it becomes a challenge to adjust and implement those changes, which ultimately increases cost, time, and effort.

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