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Hey there.
I'm a
program manager
in the Vancouver
Experienced in
driving complex
cross - functional


I am a Technical Project Manager / Product Owner experienced in building and integrating SaaS solutions to interface with big data. Skilled in managing cross - functional teams using Agile Methodologies, I am able to work collaboratively with clients and engineers through the product development lifecycle, producing deliverables that meet customer requirements.

• Implemented an agile transformation strategy; transitioning the entire engineering org to Jira with a 20% increase in developer velocity.
• Introduced team insights and metrics to identify development bottlenecks and decreased release cycle time by 15%.
• Reduced bugs and outage incidents by 35% through identifying and allocating resources to problematic software components.
• Conceptualized new products during project execution and upsold to existing clients, adding 2+ million in ARR.
• Led a team of 4 people in an Agile environment through the implementation of Copperleaf software to full completion.
• Developed two microservices to help clients expand their asset portfolio from 1000 units to well over 20 million.
• Coordinated with Engineering, Product, and Customer teams to scope and develop a C# and YAML based framework within a tight schedule.
• Optimized for over $55 million dollar in savings for the first year.
• Led a team of 3 engineers in the delivery of a rechargeable ring light hardware product.
• Owned Product and managed Agile backlog, sprints, standups, documentation, and automated testing.
• Led product strategy, gathered requirements, and received feedback from communicating technical concepts to non-technical audiences.
• Developed a robust interface with I2C, SPI, UART, CAN bus.
• Managed a software roll-out with 5 IT Analysts and 2 Senior Analysts in various offices.
• Preformed QA testing to verify successful software deployment on all machines with a 100% success rate.
• Saved over 30 working hours by creating an optimized local roll-out of end-of-lease laptops through an automated bar-code system.

Freelance Consulting

Team velocity feeling sluggish? Jira environment a hot mess? I offer consulting services either remotely or in person in Vancouver, BC. Silver certified by Atlassian, I have experience building out large and scalable processes for teams as small as 10 people to as large as 350 people. Send me a note and let's chat. See my works below.